Announcing the OrlandoiX 2017 Keynote Speakers


Pictured Above: Top left to right: Jonathan Faunce, John Baldecchi, John Linden. Bottom left to right: Rob Vickery, Cathy Hackl, Chance Glasco.

We are beyond excited to announce our first wave of keynote speakers for OrlandoiX 2017. Our speakers range from leading game developers to prominent industry financiers, and they all have very valuable information that they will be sharing with us as part of our conference sessions on August 17-18 at Full Sail University. 

Listed below are all of our confirmed speakers to date.

Jonathan Faunce

Jonathan is the Creative Director for HTC Vive. He directs and inspires HTC's talented team of 3D, UI, motion, and sound designers. Together they’re developing amazing new AR/VR/MR experiences. He specializes in product design, creative direction, and design strategy, and has 14+ years of experience in creative leadership. In previous years, Jonathan has led design for other brands, including: Nintendo, EA Sports, Capcom, Microsoft, and Xbox.

John Baldecchi

John is the CEO of Digital Riot Media, and is a well-known movie and television producer, working on films such as “The Mexican”, “FML”, “Odd Thomas”, and perhaps most notably, the recent reboot of “Point Break.” With Digital Riot Media, John has now shifted his focus on producing direct-to-consumer digital films, tapping into a new generation of filmmaking that includes the use of virtual reality. John has also served as the president of media production, financing and distribution for Sony Pictures Entertainment. 

John Linden

John is the President of Seismic Games, where he produces both mobile games and mixed reality gaming experiences. So far, Seismic Games has produced a VR experience called “Raising a Rukus” for the Gear VR. Prior to leading Seismic Games, he was a studio head at Activision Blizzard, and worked on the Call of Duty franchise, as well as a Skylanders mobile game. 

Rob Vickery

Rob is a partner and co-founder of Stage Venture Partners, an LA-based seed fund for promising software startups. The main focus of his company is to promote and invest in the emergence of new media and software. Before founding Stage Venture Partners, Rob worked with many large financial institutions and has worked with the music and film industries to promote new and exciting technology.

Cathy Hackl

Cathy is an influential, Emmy-nominated speaker and advocate for the AR/VR/MR industry, as well as the Chief Communications & Content Officer for Future Lighthouse. With Future Lighthouse she creates amazing VR narratives, and she has been able to preach the importance of VR on many large media platforms, which has earned her the title “VR Evangelist.”

Chance Glasco

Chance Glasco, a Full Sail University graduate, is one of the founding members of Infinity Ward, the studio that created the the famous “Call of Duty” franchise. He was the senior animator for Infinity Ward for 12 years, and is now the CCO and co-founder of Doghead Simulations, a VR startup that provides collaborative software for distributed business teams.

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