Photo Credit: Oculus Developers Twitter

October 11 marked the beginning of the fourth annual Oculus Connect conference. Connect, if you’re unfamiliar with it, allows developers at Oculus to announce new products, updates, and much more. Oculus disclosed plenty of juicy information about what’s going on right now.

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Investments in the AR/VR space have not slowed down at all, and this week saw big names dropping big sums on exciting startups. However, the startups aren’t the only things drawing hype this week. A plethora of games have released this week or are set to drop within the next couple of weeks, and we may see some exciting announcements from a couple well-known companies. Below are some of this week’s top stories, which will give you a glimpse of what’s to come in the near future.

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The No. 1 city for gamers? Sorry, Silicon Valley: It's Orlando, Florida, which came in tops for gaming environment, second for gamer and development opportunities -- but 53rd for internet quality and coverage. Being a terrific tourist town, Orlando also scored high for number of arcades -- gotta do something on those days when you don't feel like hitting a theme park.

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