Week of 9/25: VR/AR Industry Roundup


Investments in the AR/VR space have not slowed down at all, and this week saw big names dropping big sums on exciting startups. However, the startups aren’t the only things drawing hype this week. A plethora of games have released this week or are set to drop within the next couple of weeks, and we may see some exciting announcements from a couple well-known companies. Below are some of this week’s top stories, which will give you a glimpse of what’s to come in the near future.

Images Leaked for Potentially New Samsung Headset

On Monday of this week, images surfaced on Twitter of an new, unknown VR headset. There are Windows and Samsung logos pasted all over the headset, so there’s no mistaking whose headset this is.The headset features built-in headphones, front-facing sensors, and a pair of controllers that appear to come in a bundle. While there is no confirmation as to the validity of this leak yet, it seems likely that the two tech giants will acknowledge the leak within the next week if it has any truth behind it.

AMC Partners with Dreamscape Immersive for Cinematic VR

Dreamscape Immersive, a room-scale VR studio, has partnered with AMC to provide 6 locations for their interactive experiences starting in 2018. Unlike other VR experiences that feature gung-ho fighting and shootouts with alien creatures, Dreamscape focuses more on the storyline, and immersing their players in a film-like narrative. With the $20 million that AMC is now providing through this new deal, expect big things from Dreamscape when their room-scale experiences open up next year.

Leonardo DiCaprio Invests in Exciting VR Startup

Prominent Hollywood Actor Leonardo DiCaprio has invested in a Swiss VR studio called MindMaze. This studio is developing a facial recognition and expression software that projects the user’s movements onto an avatar. This has the potential to revolutionize social VR, as well as the rehabilitation of stroke victims, which was enough for DiCaprio to buy in.

Fun New Musical Game “Jam VR” Debuts

Remember how popular Garage Band was when it was first released by Apple? People who had no clue how to create music were jamming to nonsensical tunes, just because they could. Now, Beams Interactive has released Jam VR for the HTC Vive, and the game is perfect for musical novices. It allows players to pick up one of many random instruments, so you can play sexy sax solo, or shred a gnarly guitar riff. Besides being able to record your own music, the game provides popular songs to play along to, with plans to release more songs in DLC packages.

Rumors Leading Into the Next Few Weeks

Remember how I mentioned that leaked Samsung headset? And that Windows is also in the mix? Well Microsoft is hosting a “Windows Mixed Reality Event” on Oct. 3, so be sure to tune in, because we may see a big reveal for a new headset. This would definitely be surprising after rumors spread that the second version of HoloLens was being scrapped to continue on another version. 

Another event to look forward to (although there are no rumors of Microsoft’s magnitude) is Oculus Connect 4, which takes places between Oct.11 and Oct. 12. This event will cover many interesting topics relating to the Rift and VR in general, such as eSports in VR, as well as the growth of cinematic VR and its uses for healthcare and the greater good. A month from now, the conversation around VR may look totally different, involving things we had no idea were coming. But until then, we must wait.


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