Windows, Samsung confirm rumors on headset and more


If you’ll recall, last Monday a few images leaked online of a new VR headset that appeared to be Samsung’s creation. This leak was in the wake of a mysterious “Windows Mixed Reality Event” that drew a lot of attention recently, and it took place earlier today. 

Well, we weren’t let down. Microsoft confirmed the existence of the Samsung headset, and much more. Its official name is the Samsung HMD Odyssey, and it will be one of five headsets featuring Windows Mixed Reality (other headsets by Acer, Dell, Lenovo, and HP). Another takeaway from the event was that October 17 will be a very important date for many reasons. On that day, consumers will be able to use over 20,000 apps on the Microsoft store with Windows Mixed Reality, and they’ll even get a look at the Halo universe within a mixed reality setting. 

Another talking point today was the collaboration of Microsoft and Valve to make SteamVR games accessible in Windows Mixed Reality. At the moment, developers will be able to preview the SteamVR and Windows Mixed Reality crossover, and consumers will be able to do the same later this year. Another company that was announced to be working with Microsoft’s mixed reality team was AltspaceVR. Described as “one of the pioneers in immersive communications”, they are now joining Microsoft, so expect to hear interesting developments from them soon.

We only need to wait two weeks now, in order to see some of the amazing things Microsoft has been working on with regards to mixed reality. Running concurrently with the release of the new mixed reality content, the Windows 10 Fall Creators update will also be available on October 17. All Windows Mixed Reality headsets will be available that same day, except the Samsung headset, which will be released on November 6.

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