The conference features a power-packed showcase of featured keynotes, trend and growth strategy discussions, and networking opportunities. Featuring the world’s foremost thought-leaders in digital.

Past speakers include names from the most recognized brands including; THE VOID, HTC Vive, Dell, NFL, Call of Duty, IZEA, EA Sports, and Epic Games.


Full Sail Live
Dates & Hours:
Thursday, August 17, 1:00PM - 5:00PM
Friday, August 18, 9:00AM - 4:00PM


Thursday, August 17

12:00PM: Doors Open & Badge Pickup

1:00PM: Kickoff: David Glass, Executive Producer, OrlandoiX

1:15PM: Panel: The future of training the workforce: Job simulation 

1:50PM: The Social VR Experience: Chance Glasco, Co-Founder, Doghead Simulations

2:20PM: Panel: The Audio Experience

2:50PM: Panel: The Smartphone: The new window into AR

3:20PM: Panel: Finding Talent in VR/AR

3:50PM: Diversity in VR Content: Cathy Hackl

4:20PM: Panel: Breaking into the Industry

5:00PM: OrlandoiX Meetup


Friday, August 18

8:00AM: Doors Open & Badge Pickup

9:00AM: Welcome Remarks: Josh Mora, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Full Sail University

9:10AM: Opening Speaker: John Linden, President, Seismic Games

9:40AM: Panel: What’s the Real Business of VR?

10:10AM: Keynote: Rob Vickery, Co-Founder, Stage Venture Partners

10:40AM: Panel: How is AR Going to Evolve?

11:10AM: State of the VR/AR Industry: Nathan Pettyjohn, Founder & President, VR/AR Association 

11:30AM: Panel: Roadblocks and Opportunities for Live Streaming 360 VR

12:00PM: Lunch Break

1:00PM: Keynote: Brian Cavallaro, Chief Creative Officer. Mandt VR

1:40PM: Keynote: Cordy Rierson, Director, Mixed Reality Experiences, Microsoft

2:20PM: Consumer Adoption of VR/AR: Cathy Hackl, VR Evangelist 

2:50PM: Keynote: Ryan Wang, Co-Founder & General Partner, Outpost Capital

3:20PM Featured Speaker: Jonathan Faunce, Creative Director, HTC Vive

4:00PM: Closing Remarks


*Schedule is subject to change 

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