Space Industry meets Game Dev’s at Indie Galactic Space Jam


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Do you like making video games? Are you a self-proclaimed “space junkie”? If so, head over to the Indie Galactic Space Jam this weekend for an action-packed and out of this world challenge! Now some of you may be asking what this event is all about, and what this crazy challenge is. According to Space Jam organizer Kunal Patel, “It’s a 48-hour mad dash to create excitement about space travel and exploration with games.” The Space Jam brings game designers, aerospace engineers, writers, and many more together to create space-centered video games in exactly 48 hours.

The Indie Galactic Space Jam is 4 days long overall, beginning on Thursday, Sept. 28, with a mixer, keynote presentations, and even science-based standup comedy! The 48-hour “mad dash” begins the following day, with teams assembling and game ideas being thrown around. The challenge continues all day Saturday, and on Sunday, teams wrap up their projects and present them in all their glory.

This being the Space Jam’s 4th year running, organizers wanted to find new ways to foster connections between the space and video game industries. “We just figured that comedy is actually a really great medium to connect people,” Patel said. The organizers wanted to find a medium that could bridge the gap between engineers and game designers, and standup comedy fits the part. So even if you don’t understand all of that aerospace jargon, the Space Jam will allow you to forge new friendships and build partnerships with people from other professional backgrounds.

The creators of Indie Galactic Space Jam hope that with the growth and success of their event, more people in Orlando and across the country can be exposed to the wonders of space exploration. So be a part of something great, clear your schedule and get ready for a weekend of fun!

More details about the event and registration are available on the Indie Galactic Space Jam website.