Orlando ranked 2nd best city nationally for gamers


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From its humble beginnings, video gaming has become a thriving and extremely lucrative business. According to research done by SuperData titled, “SuperData Digital Games and Interactive Media Year in Review—2017,” the video game industry brought in over $100 billion last year. This is not even including the hardware and PC gaming rigs which brings the total to a staggering $149 billion which is competitive with the modern-day sports industry (Taylor, gamesindusty.biz, 2017). Each year, WalletHub creates a list of the top 100 cities for gamers to live in.

This year, our beloved city of Orlando was ranked number 2 out of all of the cities of the United States. Orlando was able to receive their number 2 ranking, with many things considered. Gamer and Developer Opportunities were one of the things considered, which Orlando took the number 4 spot. Orlando is also tied for first with Honolulu and Las Vegas with the most arcades per capita. With Orlando’s plentiful number of arcades, local game/card shops hosting weekly and monthly tournaments, and big conventions such as OrlandoiX, Megacon, and CEO gaming; Orlando was able to receive rank number 2 for best gaming environment.

Even though Orlando was ranked number 2 for best city to live in as a gamer in 2018, we are still growing. We are still building. Our passionate gaming scene here in Orlando will not stop and will continue to persevere until we become the very best. Look out Seattle, Washington, Orlando is coming for that number 1 spot.