OrlandoiX Indie Village is Prime Creator Real Estate


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The rush of the crowd and the sounds of “game over” screens will be abundant on the expo floor of OrlandoiX 2018. Will you brave the sea of eager gamers, to present your projects?

OrlandoiX provides a prime opportunity for indie creators of AR/VR and gaming projects to show off their work, get feedback, and connect with industry leaders. Learning experiences abound, as well, as you’re able to roam the floor space and appreciate the work of fellow creators. As the Southeast’s largest event of its kind, you’ll find OiX to be a perfect place to grow as developers and to gain valuable knowledge to bring back to the studio.

Given the smaller nature of indie studios, exhibiting packages are modestly priced. With standard exhibiting spaces at $75 and room-scale VR space at $299, OrlandoiX provides accessible opportunities for all indie studios.

So get your demos ready and sign up for an OrlandoiX 2018 indie exhibiting space. Register here!