Prepare your virtual boxing gloves for OrlandoiX 2018


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Are you ready for another explosive day of gaming tournaments this year at OrlandoiX 2018? There will be some fiery competitions taking place, hosted by Powder Keg Games and High Point Gamer and sponsored by EA Sports. Rewards will be plentiful for those who are hungry enough to get them. Come out on top at the end of it all, and you’ll get the spoils of the war. Prizes include cash, game packs, gaming gear, swag, and much more.

The first blood will be shed on Friday night with Street Fighter III: Third Strike and FIFA 17 at the kickoff party. Saturday will be the truly action-packed and rage-inducing slam, featuring Mario Kart, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Pokken, and Super Smash Bros. 4.

Bracket entries for Friday will be online (more information to come), and Saturday’s spots will be first-come first-serve. So dust off your controllers and start practicing now. Make a name for yourself and win all the glory at OrlandoiX 2018!

For more information on tournaments and scheduling, click here.