Top 10 Reasons to Attend OrlandoiX 2018: #5-#7


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We’ve worked our way to the middle of the pack with no fatalities. We recommend getting your blood pressure pills ready, though, because reasons 5-7 will be sure to get the blood pumping!

5. Expo
On a huge floor space teeming with gamers and creators, it’s a win-win for everyone involved. Developers get valuable feedback on their work, while attendees have a blast playing unique and entertaining games.

6. Learn 
If you want a more immersive experience with speakers, our insightful panel sessions are what you need. Hear from multiple industry leaders as they give their perspectives on trends and ideas in the field.

7. Industry Roundtables
Being able to discuss the ins and outs of your industry with your peers is a great way to learn and make new partnerships. Joining a roundtable discussion is the perfect tool to grow in your industry.