Top 10 Reasons to Attend OrlandoiX 2018: #1-#4


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Wow, you all have pretty healthy cardiovascular systems to have made it this far in the game. The final four are upon us, and they’re obviously the best in the biz. The experiences you’ll take away from OrlandoiX 2018 are largely thanks to these four reasons. Worry not, after reading this, you only have to wait a short while longer before doors open!

1. Experience Immersive Tech
There’s nothing like the grand interactive experience, a culmination of everything that makes OrlandoiX an epic gathering. It’s unique and magical, creating amazing partnerships and inspiring many to build up the emerging tech scene.

2. Networking
The ability to mingle and connect with fellow creators and potential partners is a vital aspect of OrlandoiX. Every part of our event facilitates dialogue and networking between everyone involved!

3. Exclusive Knowledge
We have top industry leaders coming to you with information that’s out of the public eye. Whether you’re attending our killer speaker sessions or demo-ing unreleased games at the expo, you’ll come out with some cool insider scoops.

4. Keynote Speakers
Hearing from industry pioneers is a great way to learn and engage with the tech industry. You may know that Cathy Hackl and Brian Mullin will be in attendance, but we’re holding on to a few surprise appearances you won’t want to miss.