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We’re a bit depressed, as OrlandoiX 2018 has officially come to a close. Lots of good memories have been made this weekend, and we hope everyone had an amazing experience because we sure had a great time putting on a show for you all!

The kickoff party set the tone for the event with attendees mingling, VR demos, a great panel and some intense gaming tournaments. That same energy came through to the expo and made for an incredible series of talks, tourneys, and demos.

Powder Keg Games and High Point Gamer put on top-class competitions in Street Fighter III: Third Strike, FIFA 17, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Mario Kart, Pokken, and Super Smash Bros. Filling up Full Sail Live’s main floor were the 50+ exhibitors who brought their A-game and showcased some impressive video games, virtual reality, and digital art experiences!

Our speakers were something else, too! Inspirational and innovative sessions filled the schedule up and left our attendees with some valuable knowledge.

We’d like to thank all of our speakers for their innovative presentations that captivated us all, and our exhibitors for bringing such amazing projects to showcase. Great booths were everywhere, from global brands like MSI and Nintendo to local studios like CyberDream and Steamroller Studios.

You can’t host OrlandoiX without great partners, sponsors and supporters. Special thanks to Full Sail University for hosting us and providing all the support needed to make OrlandoiX 2018 the best ever. The City of Orlando, EA Sports, MSI Gaming, Hiveolocity, Nintendo, and Real Thread for sponsoring this year. Powder Keg Games and High Point Gamer for hosting competitive gaming tournaments. Red Bull, VR/AR Magazine, Orlando Tech Association, Orlando City Soccer, Orlando Economic Partnership, Maker Faire Orlando, Indienomicon, Orlando Game Space, Free Play Florida, and CAPGA South East for all their support to make this year’s event great.

We look forward to seeing you back again for OrlandoiX 2019.