Speaker Series

The OrlandoiX 2018 speaker series features a power-packed showcase of featured keynotes, trend and growth strategy discussions, and networking opportunities. Featuring thought-leaders and experts across virtual reality, mixed reality, gaming, and digital arts.

Our speaking lineup includes speakers from Magic Leap, HTC VIVE, Observe Media, Falcon’s Creative Group, DAQRI, You Are Here, TreeHouse, IZEA, and more!

Speaker Schedule

11:00 AM: Virtual Legality: How to Win the Battle Before It Starts
Speaker: Davey Jay
12:00 PM: Designing New Realities that Mean Business
Featured Speaker: Brian Mullins, Founder of DAQRI & Important Design
1:00PM: Virtual Reality in Education
Speakers: Elbert Perez, Rob Catto, Nell Thompson, Justin Gallo
1:30PM: Leadership and Building High Performing Development Teams
Speaker: Andre Balta
2:00PM: Tired of Winging it with your Projects?
Speaker: Lester Frederick
2:30PM: NeuroSports: Brain-Drone Racing
Speaker: Marvin Andujar
3:00 PM: Building and Managing Strong Mixed Reality Development Teams at Magic Leap
Speakers: Alejandro García-Tuñón & Necole Pynn
3:30 PM: Featured Speaker
Travis Cloyd, VR Cinematic Producer, Founder & CEO at Observe Media
4:00 PM: Welcome to the Future
Keynote Speaker: Cathy Hackl, Lead Futurist at You Are Here
11:00 AM: Virtual Reality + eSports
Speakers: Kunal Patel, Sean Pinnock
11:30 AM: Previzualization with VR
Speaker: Matt Ebling
1:00PM: “Harmonious Augmentation” – XR Experiences for Themed Entertainment
Speakers: Jesse Allen, Jason Ambler, Saham Ali
2:00 PM: Diversity in Games
Speaker: Robin Koman
3:00 PM: Panel Discussion: Healthcare + Immersive Tech
Speakers: Kelli Murray, Joshua Imel, Christine Wright, Dr. Haru Okuda
3:30 PM: Location-Based Virtual Reality
Speaker: Carlos Hernandez
1:00PM: Fundamentals of MDA, Sound Design, and Production
Speaker: Christine Wright
2:00PM:  Creating an Interactive Game Soundtrack
Speakers: Ryan Stunkel, Chris Latham

*Speaker Series requires Pro Level Pass. Schedule subject to change without notice.


Entertainment Business Building
Theater, Rooms 112 – 113
Dates & Hours:
Saturday, August 18, 11:00AM – 5:00PM

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